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We will help you with your first Chinese conversation! We have different topics for you to start speaking in Chinese.Velgro Academy provides resources for various skills and levels.

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Mandarin Chinese Language Training in Chennai

       Velgro Academy of Foreign Languages welcomes you to join our Chinese Training programs. Velgro Academy of Foreign Languages is one of the best training institutes that train on Spoken Chinese Classes in Velachery, Chennai. Velgro Academy of Foreign Languages is committed to providing you a great and a different studying experience with ensured results.

Let’s say Nǐ Hǎo

       Yeh China is here to help you say “Nǐ Hǎo”– the most spoken language in the world. We believe in training individuals to become adept at using Mandarin Chinese language in the real world. Our students are trained with a vision to appear for the Mandarin Chinese Proficiency tests YCT, HSK and HSKK and get an internationally recognized certificate at the end of each course. Join us today and have fun learning Mandarin Chinese with our professionally trained teachers in our centers in Chennai, and prepare for various Mandarin Chinese proficiency tests, open a new career path and discover the culturally vibrant China.”

Chennai’s Premier Chinese Learning Institute

Our carefully designed and well researched academic courses set us apart and ensure that you become proficient in Mandarin Chinese

  • Business Chinese
  • Kids Chinese
  • HSK Courses
  • Kids Chinese
  • Books
  • International Certification Exams

Course Duration  : 50 Hours

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Italian Language Training in Chennai

       Our courses are interactive and allow one to speak confidently on a wide range of subjects and their experiences in corporate or social gatherings. Velgro not only pays attention to bookish learning but we make sure you can use the language practically for all situations with integrative and interactive sessions like role plays, discussions etc., and allowing continuous improvement in your learning.

A few words about the great Italian Language

       Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, and Istria (in Slovenia and Croatia). It used to have official status in Albania, Malta and Monaco, where it is still widely spoken, as well as in former Italian East Africa and Italian North Africa regions where it plays a significant role in various sectors. Italian is spoken by large expatriate communities in the Americas and by small minorities in places such as Crimea, France (especially in Corsica), Belgium, Montenegro and Tunisia.

       Italian is a major European language, being one of the official languages of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and one of the working languages of the Council of Europe. It is the third most widely spoken first language in the European Union with 65 million native speakers (13% of the EU population) and it is spoken as a second language by 14 million EU citizens (3%). Including Italian speakers in non-EU European countries (such as Switzerland and Albania) and on other continents, the total number of speakers is around 85 million.

Italian learned can be in our favour as

  • Italy is one of the top economies in the world and works in high collaboration with US and American firms, in quest of employees who can speak both Italian and English. There are great employment opportunities and learning Italian enhances your competitiveness.
  • Learning Italian is the gateway to the world of art and literature. Study the art history in the land of Michelangelo.
  • It is also in the forefront in field of manufacturing and engineering with the “Made in Italy” gaining immense weight.
  • Italian is considered as one of the most beautiful and fine languages in the world. It is musical and a centre of attraction for most non Italian speaking population.
  • Options for students with universities like Bocconi Univeristy
  • Italian food has gained importance throughout the world. Hence, one can enjoy Italian food without struggling to understand what it is.

Course Duration  : 50 Hours

For Course Details   : Contact 9080334727