Foreign Language Academy

Velgro is the best place to learn a Language. Velgro offers a Adaptable training for the aspirants with proven results of improvement. The culture followed in velgro best suits to be a second home for the learners.

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Business English

Enhance business-related vocabulary helping the learner to apply it in any business sector

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French Speaking

French skill helps you to secure a job in France and other French speaking nations like Switzerland etc.

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Japanese Speaking

Learning Japanese strengthens your profession and livelihood with the Toppers of Technology.

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German Speaking

Hundreds of great job opportunities for foreign professionals at Germany’s top employers – in cooperation with Monster, Experteer, Stepstone, and CareerBuilder.

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Spanish Speaking

Spanish is used by many emerging economies for communication. It is one of the official languages at international organizations like UN, WTO, FIFA,Interpol.

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Russian Speaking

Russia is an exotic tourist location with magnificent beaches and wildlife places. Speaking Russian can make your travel even more exiting and memorable.

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