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Wordpress Training in Chennai

WordPress is an outstanding open source tool which you can get with huge support community. So, here you get known how the training course for WordPress assists you efficiently.

Most of the people want to be cleared that, ‘Why do we get trained if WordPress is simple? Time is frequently regarded as money in businesses. So, instead of wasting time by searching, take this course and make precious time useful for you.

You will get the opportunity where to start. With the full support from our trainers; you can be gained in both theories and practical.

Wordpress Training Syllabus:


  • Creating Database
  • Installation to Host


  • Create , Modify, Delete Post
  • Create, Modify, Delete Categories


  • Creating Pages


  • Menus Creation
  • Assigning Pages to Menus

Decision Rules

  • Creation of different decision rules, usage in flows and activities


  • Uploading Images
  • Inserting images in pages, posts
  • Setting featured image to posts


  • View, approve , disapprove comments


  • Changing Profile settings
  • User Creation
  • User Privileges


  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Theme Options
  • Header/Background


  • Installing Plugins and Activation
  • Installing new widgets and activation


  • Setting Site Title , Site url , admin email, and Date time settings
  • Setting the static page as home page
  • Article, Comments and Email alert settings
  • Media Settings
  • Permalinks settings


  • Import and Export posts, pages, categories from blogs

Course Duration:  2  to  3 Month, 2 hpd

Contact:  +91  9080334727

Mail:  info@velgrotechnologies.com

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