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Networking Training in Chennai

Training in Chennai offers best Networking Training in Chennai with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working in Networking and related technologies for more years in MNC’s. We aware of industry needs and we are offering Networking Training in Chennai in more practical way.

Our team of Networking trainers offers Networking in Classroom training, Networking Online Training and Networking Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level. Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekends programme depends on participant’s requirement. We do offer Fast-Track Networking Training in Chennai and One-to-One Networking Training in Chennai. Here are the major topics we cover under this Networking course Syllabus Network basics, Wired computer-to-computer connections, Network-to-network connections, Wired internetworking devices, Wired communication standards, Wireless networking, Security threats and mitigation, Security practices, Network access control, Monitoring, Troubleshooting. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

We are building a team of Networking trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in subject. Our training will be focused on assisting in placements as well. Our Networking Training Course Fees is very moderate compared to others.

Networking Training Syllabus:


  • Definition/What is Networking
  • Advantages Of Networking
  • Network Classifications – LAN, MAN, and WAN
  • Network Topologies
  • Bus Topology
  • Star Topology
  • Ring Topology
  • Mesh Topology
  • Wireless Topology
  • Hybrid Topology

Network Operating Systems (NOS)

  • Network Connectivity


  • NetBIOS(Network Basic Input/output System
  • NetBEUI
  • TCP/IP
  • ATM

Network Media and Devices

  • Media
  • Network Interface Card
  • Repeater
  • Hub
  • Gateway
  • Bridge
  • Router

Standards and Organizations

  • IEEE
  • ISO

OSI Models

  • Application Layer
  • Presentation Layer
  • Session Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Data Link Layer
  • Physical LayerBasic Networking Course Outline

Microsoft Network Operating Systems

  • Common Window Server Administrative Components
  • User Account
  • Group Account
  • Security Policy
  • Network Share
  • Disk Management
  • Administrative Tools

Windows 2003 Server and Windows Server 2008

  • Active Directory
  • Windows 2003/2008 Administration
  • Major Differences in Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction to the Server

Server Types and Services

  • Thin Servers
  • Thin Client Servers
  • Server Classification by Number of CPUs
  • RAID Systems
  • External Storage Systems
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)

TCP/IP Fundamentals

  • IP Addressing
  • Network Class
  • Subnet Mask
  • Reserved IP Addresses
  • Viewing IP Configuration Settings
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
  • DNS Structure and Operation
  • Assigning IP Addresses
  • Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • DHCP Lease
  • Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)

TCP/IP Ports and Sockets

  • TCP/IP Troubleshooting Utilities
  • The IPv6 Standard
  • Loopback Address
  • IPv6 MAC AddressBasic Networking Course Outline


  • The Binary Number System
  • Dotted Decimal Notation
  • Subnetting
  • Advantages of Subnetting

Maintaining the Network

  • Monitoring the Server and Network
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Maintaining System Software
  • Service Packs

Software Installations

  • Protecting from Malware
  • Establishing Network System User Policies
  • Antivirus Software

Fundamentals of Troubleshooting the Network

  • Identify the Affected Area
  • Test the Result
  • Indentify the Results and Effect of the Solution
  • Document the Solution and Process

Troubleshooting the Server

  • Troubleshooting the Most Common Network Problems
  • The User Cannot Log On to the Network/Computer
  • Loose Connections
  • The User Cannot Access a Share
  • The user Cannot Print to the Network Printer
  • The Printer is Printing Gibberish
  • The User Cannot Access the Internet
  • The User’s Computer Has a Virus or Worm
  • Troubleshooting with TCP/IP Utilities
  • Troubleshooting with Event Viewer and System Monitor
  • Ping,Tracert,Netstat,ARP,Ipconfig,Nslookup

Designing and Installing a New Network

  • Needs Assessment and Design
  • Physical Network Structure
  • Security

Network Design Tools

  • Developing a Timeline
  • Installation
  • Implementation

Course Duration:  2  to  3 Month, 2 hpd

Contact:  +91  9080334727


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