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AngularJS Training in Chennai

We are the best providers of AngularJS Training in Chennai with expert guidance and fully interactive classes. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is pure JavaScript® framework used commonly as a front-end MVC(Model View Controller) while the most accurate thing will be close to somewhat MVVM(Model View – View Model). Since we can use AngularJS in any of the above ways developers at google call it humorously MVW(Model View Whatever). AngularJS makes front-end development very easy with its way of separating application logic from the user view and handling dynamic binding.

Why AngularJS?

Ever wondered how a single page application works? The answer is AngularJS. Each and every day thousands of websites come alive and if you notice the recent trend almost every website will be single page application except very few. Single page applications are nothing but reloading a part of the web page rather than reloading the entire page if a small amount of data is changed. JavaScript is blooming the world; each and every browser comes supporting JavaScript®. Till JavaScript is there, the scope for AngularJS will be there. The most interesting part is that AngularJS supports both web applications and mobile applications. And finally AngularJS has already started ruling the front-end world and it turns out to be the easiest and error free JavaScript framework widely used across software industry.

Job opportunity for AngularJS

The real scenario in industry is companies recruit fresher’s and train them in AngularJS. So when a candidate is already a expert in AngularJS then the chance of getting placed doubles up. Almost 70% of the companies working on AngularJS is having shortage for AngularJS developers. Are you ready to grab the offer?

Our AngularJS Training

Learn the most popular and complete JavaScript® framework carefully handcrafted by the best breed of developers in Google with our AngularJS training you’ll learn the end to end concepts beginning with amateur level and end up as an AngularJS professional.

AngularJS Training Syllabus:

Introduction to AngularJS
  • What does AngularJS do for me?
  • Who controls AngularJS?
  • How can I get AngularJS?

Our first AngularJS application
  • A basic application
  • Using angular-seed
  • The pieces of the puzzle
  • Two-way data binding
  • Directives
  • How it fits together
  • How much of the page is an Angular application?
  • Model, View, Controller from the AngularJS Perspective

Single Page Applications
  • What do we mean by Single Page Application?
  • Creating Angular Modules
  • Using Angular's Routing Service
    • Routing Basics
    • Accessing URL Data
    • Using the $location Service
  • Creating a Skeleton Single Page Application

  • Where Controllers fit in, and what they do, from Angular’s perspective
  • Managing Scope
  • Setting up Behavior
  • Building a basic controller
  • A more advanced controller

  • How to create a model
  • Explicit models
  • Implicit models

  • Angular's take on the View: a little bit different
  • Tying a View to a Controller
  • Tying a View to a model

  • Expressions are lightweight code snippets
  • Expression capabilities
  • Limitations
  • The border between expressions and $eval

  • Standard filters
  • Writing your own filter
  • Tying filters together

  • What are scopes?
  • What do scopes provide?
  • Scope lifecycle
  • Scopes as glue between controller and view
  • Scope hierarchies
  • Scope and events

Angular Forms
  • Angular forms vs HTML forms
  • Angular form controls
  • Form events
  • The form controller
  • Form validation- CSS classes for form data

Ajax, Data, and Angular
  • High level interactions with servers
  • Low-level server interactions with $http
  • The deferred/promises API
  • Making RESTful Service calls with $resource

  • Teaching HTML new tricks
  • Binding text and attributes
  • Directive processing lifecycle
    • DOM Processing
    • Compilation
    • Linking
  • A basic directive
  • Directives and scopes
  • Creating reusable directives
  • Turning directives into components

Testing in Angular
  • Unit testing
    • Working with Dependency Injection
    • Other unit testing issues
  • End-to-end testing
    • Angular’s E2E testing framework
    • Commands and expectations
    • Controlling what happens before and after the test
    • Running a scenario

Course Duration:  2  to  3 Month, 2 hpd

Contact:  +91  9080334727


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