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ReactJS Training in Chennai

Reactjs is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations. According to JavaScript analytics service Libscore, React is currently being used on the websites of Netflix, Imgur, Buffer, Bleacher Report, Feedly, Airbnb, SeatGeek, HelloSign, Walmart Etc. React allows developers to create large web applications that use data which can change over time, without reloading the page. Its main goal is to be fast, simple and scalable. React processes only user interfaces in applications. This corresponds to View in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) template, and can be used in combination with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks in MVC, such as AngularJS.

ReactJS Training Syllabus:

React.js Fundamentals

  • Array.reduce
  • Pure Functions
  • Bind
  • this


  • Imperative vs Declarative
  • Composition
  • Unidirectional Dataflow
  • JSX
  • Virtual DOM
  • createClass
  • state
  • props
  • props.children
  • createElement
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Container vs Presentational Components
  • Stateless Functional Components
  • Events
  • Private Stateless Functional Components

React Router

  • Declarative Routing
  • Route Configurations
  • Route Matching
  • Animating Route Transitions
  • Query Parameters

ES6/typescript for React

  • Let
  • const
  • Template Strings
  • Concise Object Methods
  • Arrow Functions
  • Classes
  • Object Destructuring
  • Concise Objects
  • Modules
  • Default Parameters
  • Native Promises
  • Async/Await
  • Spread Operator
  • Rest Parameters

Styling React Components

  • UIs in react
  • Inline style
  • A webpack intro for css
  • Css Modules
Advance React (Real time Application building)
Build Cross Platform React Native Apps with Exponent and Redux
Building Data-driven React Applications with Relay, GraphQL, and Flux

Course Duration:  2  to  3 Month, 2 hpd

Contact:  +91  9080334727


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