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SAS Business Intelligence Training in Chennai

Training in Chennai offers best SAS BI Training in Chennai with most experienced professionals. We aware of industry needs and we are offering SAS BI Training in Chennai in more practical way. Our team of SAS BI trainers offers SAS BI in Classroom training, SAS BI Online Training and SAS BI Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level. Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekend’s program depends on participant’s requirement.

We are the best Training Institute offers certification oriented SAS BI Training in Chennai. Our SAS BI Training Course Fees is very moderate compared to others.

SAS BI Training Syllabus:

Base SAS

  • Navigate the SAS windowing environment
  • Read various types of data into SAS data sets
  • Validate and clean SAS data sets
  • Create SAS variables and subset data
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Create and enhance listing and summary reports
  • Control SAS data set input and output
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Summarize read and write different types of data
  • Perform DO loop and SAS array processing
  • Transform character numeric and date variables

Creating Business Intelligence using SAS Reports

  • Use several of the business user applications in the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Create and Exploit dynamic value selection
  • Bulid advanced information maps using SAS Information Map Studio
  • Create advanced SAS BI Dashboard applications
  • Produce advanced stored processes able to create dynamic data sources
  • Bulid Schedule and distribute advanced reports
  • Consolidate information into a business reporting application
  • Describe the online analytical processing capabilities available in the SAS platform
  • Explore the basic functionality of the SAS integration with JMP
  • Examine the types of metadata created in the SAS platform

Creating Business Intelligence for your Orgainzation

  • Exploring the paltform for SAS Business Analytics
  • introducing the course environment and scenario

Introducing the Business User Reporting Applications

  • Defining the business user role and reporting applications
  • Exploring the SAS Add In for Microsoft Office
  • Exploring the SAS Web Report Studio
  • Defining the interaction between the business user and the business analyst

Introducing Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles

  • Defining the business analyst role and applications
  • Modifying an existing information map
  • Creating a new SAS BI Dashboard indicator
  • Creating data sources for reporting and analysis
  • Defining the interaction between the business analyst and the paltform administrator
  • Understanding SAS Data Integration capabilities

Creating an Information Map

  • Understanding SAS Information Maps
  • utilizing different data sources
  • Exploiting dynamic subsetting of data
  • Creating prefilters to subset the information map
  • Using the Information Map LIBNAME Engine
  • Creating information maps programmatically self-study

Building a SAS BI Dashboard Application

  • Understanding SAS BI Dashboard
  • Building the SAS BI Dashboard components
  • Building advanced SAS BI Dashboard components

Building Stored Processes

  • Understanding SAS Stored Process concepts
  • Creating a stored process from a SAS Enterprise Guide project
  • Creating a stored process from a SAS program
  • Creating stored process parameters
  • Creating a stored process to provide a dynamic data source

Utilizing Advanced Techniques with SAS Reports

  • Building advanced reports with SAS Web Report Studio
  • Creating and using SAS report templates
  • Linking reports in SAS Web Report Studio
  • Scheduling and distributing SAS Reports
  • Building SAS Reports with SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Creating Shared Prompts

Consolidating Information into a Business Reporting Application

  • Creating the business reporting application

Introducing Multidimensional Data Sources

  • Understanding online analytical processing concepts
  • Building an OLAP cube with SAS OLAP Cube Studio
  • Building an information map from a SAS OLAP cube

Introducing SAS Visual BI

  • Introduction to SAS Visual BI
  • Exploring the SAS integration with JMP

Examining the Environment Metadata

  • Reviewing the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Reviewing the course environment

Course Duration:  2  to  3 Month, 2 hpd

Contact:  +91  9080334727


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